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The greatest saloon car driver of all time

- MotorSport Magazine

That first race.

“It was my first racing car which started off as an Escort GT. It then developed from a proper road car into a race car. It was modified and modified again until it was unable to drive on the road. I then turned up at my first race which was Silverstone A Clubs. I was most probably eighteen, unexperienced and tried to win the race in the first corner of the first lap. I collided with a Jaguar XK150 or something and I ended up falling over this thing. The interesting thing was when it did fall over there were no belts, there was no roll cage. People had them but they were not compulsory. The car sort of went up in the air and fell on its roof and was flattened to the bonnet. I can remember crawling out of it, slightly dazed and realising that the car was close to the edge of the circuit. I must have been dazed for a while because instead of walking across the grass and to safety I ran the other way and across the circuit. The other cars were now starting their second lap and so having tried to end my career early with a crash, I then tried to get run over straight afterwards.

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