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Gearknob Mystery at Eggenberger

One weekend before qualifying I noticed that the gearknobs had been removed from both Sierra’s. I actually thought that we were having some kind of special ones for the meeting as Rudi Eggenberger was the kind of person who liked everything done himself, in house. He’d design the chassis, re-worked and even dynoed the engines. [...]

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Qualifying with Ludwig

Being a team mate to Klaus Ludwig was never going to be easy. I had a lot of respect for him as a person and a driver. He was a big name with a big personality. In 1987 there was a lot to learn. Klaus had all the skills of getting himself positioned in a [...]

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That first race.

“It was my first racing car which started off as an Escort GT. It then developed from a proper road car into a race car. It was modified and modified again until it was unable to drive on the road. I then turned up at my first race which was Silverstone A Clubs. I was [...]

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Metro 6R4. The prototype.

“Back in ’83 at the start of my Rover contract there was one 6R4 around which Williams was commissioned to build. There was Patrick Head and John Piper was the engineer. Austin Rover had commissioned the car with all the funny gears, 4 wheel drive and adjustable this and that. Williams and Tony Pond was [...]

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Driver’s meeting at BMW headquarters.

All the contracted drivers were called to a meeting in Munich, there were about 10 or 11 of us at the time. In the meeting some service guy got up and said that he would like to bring to our attention the fact that half the drivers were not looking after their road cars good [...]

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