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The greatest saloon car driver of all time

- MotorSport Magazine

Driver’s meeting at BMW headquarters.

All the contracted drivers were called to a meeting in Munich, there were about 10 or 11 of us at the time. In the meeting some service guy got up and said that he would like to bring to our attention the fact that half the drivers were not looking after their road cars good enough and one driver in particular needed to start taking more care. They were not being returned in the same condition, this is wrong, that is wrong, they’re not being serviced, things like that and if it continued they would be taken off us. Emanuelle Pirro stood up and said that he accepted that we should be looking after them, but why was he telling us all. You should be talking to the one person who is the biggest offender, surely that is the fairest he said. He went on to say that as most were doing a good enough job then they shouldn’t get tarred with it and they should just tell the bloke who is the offender. The service guy then said yes, it is you Emanuelle.

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